Who helps make hand sanitizer foam? we do.

Ashland live webinar

date: Oct 1 2020
time: 10am New York Time / 4pm Paris time
length: one hour (includes Q&A)

The global pandemic has increased focus on the awareness among global consumers about the importance of proper hand hygiene.  Hand sanitizers, of course, are part of good hand hygiene when soap and water are not available.  Healthcare workers have long relied on routine-use of hand sanitizers to maintain clean, hygienic hands. With the increasing use of hand sanitizers by general public also comes more requirements on the sensorial aspects and ease of use. Hand sanitizers are available as gels and foams.  In this presentation, Ashland solvers will focus on ingredients and formulations for creating foaming hand sanitizers with a creamy texture.

Hand sanitizers are available as gels and foams.  In this presentation, Ashland solvers will focus on ingredients and formulations for creating foaming hand sanitizers.

Some consumers prefer foaming hand sanitizers over gels for ease of application and workability.  It is typically an individual preference.  When formulating a hand sanitizer foam, the quality of the foam can play an important part in the consumer experience.

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Join Ann Druffner, Global Marketing Director, Ashland; Dr Coralie Alonso, R&D Director, home and hair care, Ashland and Purvita Shah, staff scientist, home care, Ashland as they discuss ingredients for creating hand sanitizers
In this session, you will learn:

  • how foam is measured and evaluated
  • what makes a desirable foam
  • how to formulate hand sanitizers with improved foam quality

Ashland offers a wide range of rheology modifiers, foam boosters, emollients, emollients and skin condition agents for hand sanitizer formulations. For more information, visit Ashland.com/healthyhands.

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our speakers:

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Ann Druffner
Global Marketing Director – Household and Oral Care
Ashland Specialty Products

Ann is global marketing director for Ashland Household and Oral Care. During her 17 years at Ashland, Ann has held positions marketing ingredients for personal care and pharmaceuticals. Previously, Ann held positions in marketing, business and new product development and sale with the Dow Chemical Company.  

Purvita Shah 

Purvita Shah is a staff scientist at Ashland based in Bridgewater, NJ.  She has 20 years at Ashland in home care industry. Purvita has several patents and publications on polymers in home care applications

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Coralie Alonso, PhD
Global R&D Manager Hair Care

Coralie is a principal scientist for Hair Care at Ashland Industries. She leads the R&D programme for Hair Conditioning, building a strong product pipeline aligned to global trends to address customer’s needs.

Coralie is a Physics major, she obtained her PhD in France, at the Universite Joseph Fourier in Grenoble. She worked for 5 years as a PostDoc scientist, first at the Weizmann Institute in Israel and then at the University of California in Santa Barbara. Her work his published in more ten 20 peer review articles. She joined Unilever R&D, in the UK in 2004 where over 13 years, she held various leadership roles across Home Care and Personal Care, before joining Ashland in April 2018. Coralie has extensive experience in interfacial phenomena, surface and deposition science