Ashland webinar: Simplify formulation design and reduce manufacturing complexity with Polyplasdone Plus multifunctional disintegrant

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The continued focus on improving manufacturing efficiency coupled with strong demand for the tablet dosage form is driving the use of high-speed tableting. Our innovative multifunctional direct compression disintegrant, polyplasdone plus multifunctional disintegrant, will help overcome development hurdles and improve process efficiencies. 

This highly effective new product provides enhanced flow properties, self-lubrication, and improved tablet performance for continuous and batch direct compression processing.

This webinar will help you identify the benefits in process throughput, improved tablet hardness, and quality performance with formulations using polyplasdone plus multifunctional disintegrant.

key learning objectives: 

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn how to

  • speed-up formulation design by using co-processed excipients 

  • simplify the manufacturing process by eliminating the glidant and lubricant addition steps in both batch and continuous manufacturing 

  • produce robust tablets for challenging high-throughput commercial tableting conditions      

  • improve process through-put for improved flow and feeding with resultant maximization of equipment capacity

presenter information: 


Quyen Schwing
Senior Team Lead & Head OSD R&D, Life Sciences

Quyen Schwing is senior team leader, oral solid dosage pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Ashland. She has extensive experience in design and development of oral solid dosage and semi-solid dosage excipients and other ingredients. Prior to joining Ashland, she specialized in nanoparticulate systems. She holds an MS in pharmaceutic, University of the Sciences, an MT in Medical Technology from Cooper Hospital, and a BS in biology, with a minor in chemistry, Rowan University. She has presented numerous pharmaceutical technical posters at various events.

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