Ashland webinar: Overcoming challenges in controlled release formulation scale-up

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date: Wednesday, June 22, 2022
time: 10:00 am EDT

The continued focus on manufacturing efficiency coupled with the strong demand for the tablet dosage form is driving the use of high-volume, high-speed tablet presses. Faster tablet presses subject materials to a higher strain rate. Challenges with tablet strength and weight uniformity often arise due to increased strain rate. Increased strain rate also presents challenges when going from lab to commercial scale.

The strain rate sensitivity of the API and excipients play a critical role in tablet robustness. Hypromellose (hydroxymethyl cellulose) is the leading matrix-forming polymer in controlled-release tablets often used at levels up to 20%, thus having a significant impact on the physical characteristics of the formulation.

In this webinar, you will learn how to optimize controlled release formulations for high-speed, high-throughput manufacturing.

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  • strategies to produce robust controlled-release tablets for the most challenging high-throughput commercial tableting conditions 
  • understand the impact of strain rate sensitivity on compression, tablet strength, and weight uniformity
  • understand the strain rate sensitivity of various hypromellose products


Quyen Schwing
Senior team leader

Quyen Schwing is a senior team leader and technical lead of oral solid dosage form at Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a world leader in specialty additives and functional ingredients. Quyen has extensive experience in designing and developing oral solid and semi-solid dosage forms. Before working at Ashland, Quyen worked at Elan Drug Delivery Ltd., specializing in nanoparticulate systems. She holds an MS in Pharmaceutics, an MT in Medical Technology, and a BS in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. She has presented numerous posters at AAPS and CRS.

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