in-cosmetics Global 2022

Ashland is responsibly solving for a better world 
Ensure you visit the Ashland booth K80 to learn more. You can’t miss us, just look for the tree.

our new natural, nature-derived and biodegradable product launches

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harnessing power of the forest for ethical and sustainable hair care 

Tuesday April 5 – 1.30pm - 2.30pm – Lab 1

Tuttu Nuutinen, solver and EMEA technical service manager care specialties

Ashland solver, Tuttu Nuutinen will show you how to create forest harmony regrowth shampoo with santalwood™ biofunctional and texturpure™ sa-1 ingredient, which uses naturally derived, biodegradable and sustainable forest-sourced ingredients to deliver clinically proven hair regrowth and a luxurious in shower experience.

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Ashland will take you on a sensorial journey. 

Meet with our solvers at our sensory bar and experience Ashland's solutions that offer an alternative to carbomer that can help you create nature-derived and biodegradable skin and sun care products.


recent product launches

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creating more natural skin care textures: introducing a new nature-derived, biodegradable thickener & emulsion stabilizer

Tuesday, April 5 - 2pm - Theatre 1

Karine Deruddre, solver and global skincare applications, head of French laboratory

Our expert solver, Karine Deruddre, will share how to create more natural skin care textures with natrathix™ bio cellulose a new nature-derived, biodegradable thickener & emulsion stabilizer. 



Ashland is again sponsoring the very popular Innovation Zone that showcases the newest products and technologies that address global trends. 

Discover Ashland’s newest innovations at our four innovation boxes across the aisle from Ashland booth K80. Meet with our solvers and sample our latest products in skin and hair care.


As a consumer-market focused additives and specialty ingredients company we understand global megatrends and play a critical role shaping our world.

Through sustainable sourcing, sustainable operations, sustainable solutions, and our Responsible Solvers™ program, we’re helping customers and communities around the globe deliver consumer-desired, high performance, sustainable products while positively contributing to the welfare of society and the environment. 

responsibly solving for a better world

During in-cosmetics Global, Ashland is showcasing the first of a series of sustainable business initiatives, which resulted in positive economic, environmental and social impacts from the company’s recently announced Responsible Solvers™ program. 
In partnership with the SM Sehgal Foundation, in 2021 Ashland initiated a STEM education program applying scientific solutions for sustainable farming to increase the volume of guar harvested annually while respecting the sourcing relationships and local cultures of small village farmers in the Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan, India. 

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